The Mindful Writer

Introducing The Mindful Writer

April 07, 2022 deborah klee Season 1 Episode 0
The Mindful Writer
Introducing The Mindful Writer
Show Notes

To be a writer is one of the most rewarding occupations imaginable but the writer’s journey is tough – we need emotional resilience, courage, determination, patience, and self-belief. 

There is a lot of shared wisdom on the craft of writing and how to market our books but not so much on the inner journey. 

I imagine us all climbing a mountainous hill, a winding path with stopping places to rest. There are some creatives that have journeyed ahead of us and some who follow in our tracks. We support one another: a helping hand, words of encouragement, reflections on how far we have come. 

This podcast is to help writers on that journey – the inner journey, as we experience the highs and lows of a writer’s life together.

 Each week I chat with a guest exploring the psychological, emotional, and spiritual journey they have experienced as a writer, the lessons they have learnt – and are continuing to learn.

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